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Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Sarah Thompson

Why should nonprofits apply, and who does the Endowment fund?

Applying is so easy, and funds are available for nonprofits that are for education, children, animal care and health and welfare of the citizens of Hockley County.

What do people need to know about the Endowment?

The Endowment is overseen by a responsible board who takes this job very serious. It is a fabulous avenue for nonprofits to advance in their endeavors. It is a wonderful place to donate to knowing that all the money stays in Hockley County and only goes to vetted organizations. Hockley County Endowment is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of West Texas which makes our funds grow faster so we can give more!

Why create a fund with the Endowment?

My family has three funds, and it is a wonderful avenue to place your money in a fund that holds a special significance to you or that is an organization that is near and dear to your heart. The fund will continue to grow along after you are gone and continue to be a blessing to that nonprofit and the citizens of Hockley County. Hockley County is so blessed and fortunate to have the Endowment!

To support the Hockley County Endowment and local nonprofits, donate here:


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