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Hockley County Endowment Grant Story: City of Levelland

Downtown Levelland was a recent recipient of a grant from the Hockley County Endowment to place one black bench and plaque displaying the original Marigolds that started the organization and has been a proud supporter of Main Street. This grant allowed Downtown Levelland to support lighting the square and its benches. These benches contribute to Downtown Levelland’s goal of providing convenient and well-placed seating for all ages in the downtown area.

According to Downtown Levelland Mainstreet Manager Tania Moody “Downtown is the heart of a community. It used to be where all of the action took place. As years went by, communities grew outward…to the highways and got further and further from downtown. Downtowns started to fall into disrepair and started to be forgotten, and some were completely abandoned and torn down…history lost for future generations. The Main Street program has been working strategically since 1998 to support and grow and revitalize our downtown. This year alone will add: 1 bench, 41 hayrack light pole planters, 16 handrails, and 33 new mosaics.”

When asked about what Downtown Levelland values most about Hockley County, Moody said, “I love the people. To me, serving this community is not only a blessing but it's fun. I love finding new ways to raise the bar for all citizens. There’s no reason that every person in Hockley County shouldn’t feel like they can come to downtown Levelland and feel at home, shopping, eating, enjoying events, learning the history, cultivating an appreciation for art, and enjoying our native plants. Sometimes not everyone is blessed with a beautiful, warm, safe, inviting home…I want downtown to be that surrogate for all Hockley County citizens.”

The Hockley County Endowment is proud to help Downtown Levelland and its programs that contribute to the vibrancy of Levelland’s historical downtown district. To support the Hockley County Endowment and Hockley county nonprofits, donate here:

Learn more about this project in the video below:


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