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Hockley County Endowment Grant Story: City of Sundown Library

The City of Sundown Library recently benefited from a Hockley County Endowment financial grant to improve their services to the Sundown community.

More specifically, the grant allowed the Sundown Library to purchase books for their “History & Heroes Veterans’ Collection” and “Backyard Explorers” collection. These junior non-fiction military and animal books (respectively) will be used to expand both their summer reading and outdoor learning programs.

Since receiving the grant, the Sundown Library has purchased over fifty books, participated in Sundown I.S.D.'s "110 Stories" theatrical event for the twentieth anniversary of September 11th, spoke at their Veterans’ Day event, and hosted eighth grade social studies classes.

In addition to those activities, the Hockley County Endowment grant allowed the library to highlight the new books at the Sundown I.S.D. campus and participate in additional programming.

The grant continues to fund the development of Sundown Library’s “Roughneck Military Archives and Boomtown Days Museum.” When completed, this museum will share the importance of recognizing our heroes and their sacrifices, as well as reigniting a pride in Sundown’s unique oilfield legacy, with all of Hockley County.

The director of the City of Sundown Library, stated “Honoring heroes is what I love most about Hockley County. The Hockley County Historical Commission hosted a memorial for a fallen hero in September of 2021 as well as the Pearl Harbor Memorial in December of 2021. Additionally, [Sundown Library supported] the backing-the-blue unity beginning after the standoff in the summer of 2021.”

The Hockley County Endowment is proud to assist amazing non-profit opportunities like those at the City of Sundown Library with their goals of supporting communities throughout Hockley County.

To support the Hockley County Endowment and Hockley county nonprofits such as City of Sundown Library, donate here:


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