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Hockley County Endowment Grant Story: CASA of the South Plains

With support from the Hockley County Endowment, CASA of the South Plains has further built its capacity to advocate on behalf of children in Hockley County who are currently experiencing the foster care system due to abuse and neglect within their homes. The organization says “children served by CASA in Hockley County benefit from having a trustworthy adult by their side who develops an objective understanding of their needs before making fact-based recommendations directly to a judge.” In September of 2019, CASA was providing advocacy services for 16 children in Hockley County. With funding from the Hockley County Endowment, the organization was able to help an additional 8 children. A CASA representative tells of one family’s story: “Janet, Marissa, and Caleb are siblings from Hockley County who are currently experiencing foster care after they were removed from the home of their mother due to her use of drugs. The judge presiding over the children’s case appointed them a CASA Volunteer Advocate to represent their best interests in the courtroom. The Volunteer Advocate quickly established a rapport with the children and their family to ensure all their needs are being met. This was particularly important when the oldest sibling, Janet, turned 18 after she and her siblings entered foster care. Because of her relationship with the CASA Volunteer Advocate, she agreed to extend her time in foster care allows Janet’s Volunteer Advocate to continue advocating for her educational needs. Additionally, the Volunteer Advocate assigned to this case supports the children’s relative placement by regularly checking on them and by researching and communicating various resources that are available to ensure all their medical, educational, and recreational needs are met. Since entering foster care, the mother of these children has completed in-patient rehabilitation and maintained her sobriety. Shas fully engaged in court-ordered services, taken responsibility for her actions, and obtained employment. The CASA Volunteer Advocate continues to diligently represent the best interest of Janet, Marissa, and Caleb, and is advocating for the mother to have increased visitations with them as she works towards reunification in the near future.” To support nonprofits in the Hockley County area, like CASA of the South Plains, donate through the following link.


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