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Background & Mission

We make it easy to be a philanthropist!

The concept of the Hockley County Endowment is simple but practical. It provides a vehicle to build, over time, substantial endowed funds through contributions both large and small and put them to work in Hockley County.

Assets are made up of many separate endowments called “funds”. Although funds are usually pooled for investment purposes, each retains its separate identity for financial accountability and grantmaking purposes.

Such a “community” endowment enjoys economies of scale, offering the affluent and modest donor alike the professional administration of a major institution.

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History and Mission

The Hockley County Endowment was created in 2006 as the first regional affiliate of Community Foundation of West Texas – the Community Foundation for the Texas South Plains. The Hockley County Endowment is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hockley County.

The Hockley County Endowment is an instrument for philanthropy. Donors do not so much give TO the Hockley County Endowment as THROUGH it. Donors can support the broadest array of philanthropic organizations and causes through the Hockley County Endowment, using a wide variety of assets. Permanent endowment funds can be established for as little as $5000.

We help donors establish philanthropic funds to perpetuate their values.
We build endowments that will grow and benefit this area forever.
We help donors create personal charitable legacies.
We provide a way to fulfill multiple charitable interests with one gift.
We can accept a wide variety of assets.
We ensure that the donor’s charitable intent will be honored.

The Hockley County Endowment provides opportunities for donors to achieve their varied philanthropic goals, invest contributed funds prudently, and serves as a responsible steward for the charitable gifts of individuals, families and organizations.

Through our grant making program we are able to provide area non-profits with much needed assistance for programs and operations.


Advisory Board

The Hockley County Endowment is advised by a committee of Hockley County community leaders representing a broad array of community interests. This committee is responsible for promoting the benefits of the Hockley County Endowment in the community, raising funds for it, establishing guidelines for grants and recommending grantees.

Hockley County Endowment Advisory Board

Michael Wiiest, Chair
Sarah Thompson, Vice Chair
Sarah Osburn, Secretary/Treasurer
Carrie Ellis
Amber Hinson
Anna Hord
Alycyn Keeling
Ricky Lawless
Wanda Lawless
J.R. Manning
Steve Melton
Tania Moody
Joey Pierce
Erik Rejino
Tanner Terrell

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